Friday, February 7, 2014

Sponsorships, Registration, and more!

     You know what’s really cool about this year’s Barber Beast on the Bay? Everything. But one thing I’m especially excited about is the new sponsor opportunities. What better way to get your brand’s name out there than to have it affiliated with our event and with helping to “Make dreams come true”? Our 1.5 mile adapted course for individuals with physical or mental disabilities is special to us in that it provides an opportunity for every person, no matter their fitness ability, to participate in an obstacle course. No matter which event – the 10-mile challenge or the 1.5-mile adapted course – you would like to sponsor, it would be worth your investment.
Think you can make a beastly obstacle? Give it a shot!
     One new aspect of our challenge this year is that if you can’t sponsor but want to be affiliated, you can help us by building your own obstacle. With assistance from some of our professionals to make sure it’s safe (they already shot down my idea for a three-story jungle featuring flamethrowers and barbed wire, so don’t bother suggesting that), you can provide Beast-goers with a fun and exciting challenge during the obstacle course.
     For more information, check out or contact my friend Laura Schaaf at

No birds were actually harmed, I swear. My bird friend Chester posed for this with me. We get coffee on Tuesdays.
     It’s not too late to register at a reduced rate. From now until Valentine’s Day, you can sign up for the Beast for just $50, which is 50% off the full price. I’d say it’s a great deal, but really, it seems so obvious that I don’t even need to say it. I guess I just did, though, so there we go. We're already at 104 participants from 7 states, so join them. Barber Beast. $50. 50% off full price. Use code EARLYBEAST. Go!
     Injuries are an unfortunate part of the fitness life. A sprained ankle, shin splints, runner’s knee, or, in my case, giving out too many high-fives, can cause pain and potential problems. While you can continue running with some of these injuries, other areas of the body could suffer because of a change in your running style and a loss of motion. How do we prevent this? One way is to strengthen your core, lower back, and pelvis.
     We’re about seven months out from the Beast, so there’s plenty of time to strengthen your core. Moves like the Superman, Flutter Kicks, Bicycles, and Kegel exercises can all be beneficial to helping you have a stronger core and keep your running style and range of motion consistent and stronger. In turn, you’ll be more prepared on September 6 when you face my challenge of obstacles through sand, water, and other terrains that I love so much.

Finally, thank you to everyone who came out to our sponsor lunch on Thursday. It was a tremendous success, and we look forward to great partnerships with everyone!
Posing with some good friends!
Where are my cool sunglasses?!
High-fiving my friend, Dominic!

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