Friday, February 21, 2014

Competition and Rivalries Bring Out the Best

     We’re quickly generating our own rivalry here in Erie. Get ready for the Beast’s version of Ali versus Frazier or Yankees versus Red Sox. Not since Hulk Hogan versus “The Macho Man” Randy Savage have we seen such entertainment, brother! OK, so my references are a little outdated here. Point is, this rivalry is heating up like a summer day at Presque Isle.

On one side, we have Krauza’s Krazies, led by Steven Krauza. The team currently stands at 60+ members and seems intent on doing some rabblerousing to stir up some fun. On the other side, we have Beauties and Beasts for Autism. Spearheaded by Karen Groshek, this team is right around 30 members. For whatever Steven Krauza and his Krazies give, Groshek gives right back. The two teams have a wager on which team will have a higher percentage of finishers. One thing is for certain: If the smack talk matches the performance come September 6, it’s going to be close.

The takeaway from this rivalry is not that your team has to call another team out to be ready for the Beast. You don’t have to take the microphone and issue a verbal smackdown on the other teams – though if you do, let me know so I can be there! The take away is that competition can help push you far and make your time at the Beast even more enjoyable and successful. It doesn’t have to be competition with another team. It can be competition within your team, such as which team member can finish the fastest. Or, it can be a competition with yourself. Now, you’re probably thinking “Beast, that makes no sense.” To that I would say this: I’m not a human. You’re lucky I can type, let alone make sense. But let me try to explain – compete with yourself on a daily basis. Or, rather, compete with your past self. If you post a mile on the treadmill one day, beat your past self the next day. Keep beating your past self until you can look back and scoff at the numbers you started with. You’ve got nothing on you!

     We’re under 200 days until the Beast. We’ll get you trained and ready to go in the coming months. We’ll bring in special guests and of course, I, the Beast, will continue to charm you with my knowledge about all things Barber Beast. If there’s anything you want me to talk about, let me know on our Facebook page or here in the comment section. See you soon with more!


  1. wow, they only post the mild stuff, maybe Steve has connections,

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