Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Zone 4: Ramps, Nets and Warfare

                Last week’s blog ended on a high note (literally), as we had everyone climbing up a ramp at the end of Zone 3. Zone 4 begins similarly with ½ pipe, all done

               Here the participant will be climbing up a second ramp. And no, the name of the obstacle doesn’t suggest the end of the Beast – just the end of half pipes.
For those disappointed about ½ pipe, all done not meaning the Beast is done, you’ll be especially disappointed to know the next obstacle is called Trench Warfare

It’s as difficult as it sounds. Participants will fill buckets with water and navigate their way through a serpentine of hills and valleys. This obstacle will be sure to test arm and leg strength – if your forearms weren’t on fire before, they certainly will be after carrying some heavy buckets!
                Next up, participants will be directly interacting with the Beast. You’ll be scaling the Back of the Beast.  

All that stands between the participant and the ground is netting set between two containers.  Carefully, the participant will crawl from one container to the other on a series of netting.
                Made it? Congrats. Keep going. Participants aren’t done yet! There’s a road run and then we’ll get to Zone 5. Zone 5 comes next week, and includes an obstacle from General Electric and the end at Waldameer! We’ll see you then.

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