Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Revealing Zone 3!

                Today is time to reveal Zone 3 of the Barber Beast on the Bay course. Let’s talk just briefly about it before we get into it. You’ll be going through webs, getting entrapped, and seeing the first half pipe on the course. You know how when people love things online they write their hearts like this: <3? That’s how we feel about Zone 3. We do ours like this: <Zone3. Let’s do this!
                Zone 3 is going to start after you make your way down Haul Road. The Beast has laid out several traps for you, starting with what he calls World Wide Webs. It’s not online, but you will be going through plenty of lines as the Beast has laid down webs to try to keep you from advancing.  

                Get your best high step on, because World Wide Webs will try to trip you up! If you’re able to make it through, the Beast has another plan to try to slow you down.
                You’ll be crossing the road to run on the “A” trail, and then continue on to the Marsh Trail as you near the Maintenance Parking Lot. Here is where you’ll run into the next obstacle, and it’s called Entrapment.
                Does it look scary? Because it is. It totally is. The participant will have to make their way through a series of bungee cords designed to make it challenging for them to pass through.
                If the participant survives Entrapment, they move on to ½ pipe, ½ done. This gives you a hint at what the first obstacle will be in Zone 4, but here’s what is happening in Zone 3: The participant is climbing up a half pipe.

It’s going to wear participants down. Participants will be tired after the first two zones, and this third zone is only going to make things more tiring for you. We have two more zones coming at you. Next week will be Zone 4, and then two weeks from now will be Zone 5, our biggest zone of them all. Looking forward to it!