Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The final zone

Here we are. The final zone. After five weeks, we’ll finally be covering all that the Beast has to offer. If you’re not tired yet, you will be, as this is the biggest zone of them all. The arduous stretch will finally come to an end and after you complete all of these you’ll be celebrating at Waldameer. It certainly sounds easier than it is. Let’s start by revealing the first obstacle in this zone.
                Scale Across the Beast is the first obstacle in this zone. Participants will have to channel their inner primate to make it across these monkey bars. If the participant is able to make their way across, they will next run into General Electric’s obstacle.
                They call it GET LOCO. Who doesn’t love the double meaning? Yeah, there’s a locomotive tie-in, and yes, things are about to get crazy. We’ll let them explain:

“GET Loco is an obstacle that tests every bit of arm and calf strength one might have.  To successfully conquer GET Loco, the competitor must first grab a five gallon bucket and fill it with Lake Erie’s chilly water. With no handles on the bucket, they must then carry the water back to a scale silhouette of a GET Locomotive. After climbing the nose of the locomotive, the contestant must dump the water into a reservoir sitting on top of the locomotive cab.  The water will then spill out onto people currently shimmying across the side of locomotive.  Next, the participant must cross the side of the silhouette of the locomotive gripping onto 2”x4” hand and foot hold. Mid way across the side of the locomotive, an 18” gap in the hand and foot hold is waiting for the participant. “

                Next we get back to taking on that pesky Beast through Scale Up the Beast.
As if scaling across him wasn’t enough, now participants will have to climb up him with the help of rope. Scale up huge container units using only the rope and make your way to the next obstacle.
Only one word needs to be said for this next obstacle: Moguls. Have you ever tried skiing over a mogul? Tough, right? Now try running over them when they’re made of sand. Ooh, yeah!
At Beach 11 and Beach 1, we’ll also be hitting you with these (oh, yeah, there’s more):
Sidewinder I
Wade through the water and weave your way around fifty feet of vertical foam noodles. Don't forget your sandbags!

Sidewinder II
It was easier the first time around. Now for a rematch. Fifty feet of vertical foam noodles. Go.
 Assuming participants are still in the game, they will get to what could be the hardest part of them all: Making the long, treacherous run on the hill that will lead you to Waldameer. When the participant reaches Waldameer, they reach the Bell Ringer. After scaling this last wall, participants can ring the final bell to signal that they have reached their goal.

                That’s it. We’ll see you September 6. Better be ready. ;)