Tuesday, June 27, 2017


I hope you’re all pumped and ready for this blog, because it deals with something near and dear to my heart, and that’s motivation. Motivation can be a tricky subject and sometimes (like maybe when you signed up for the Beast) you can be extremely motivated, excited, and ready to take on the world! Other days, it’s hard to take even a step towards the gym -- it could be because you have a demanding job, children to take care, or things just aren’t going your way! I am here to help and keep you motivated to train for the Beast on The Bay because like it or not, September is coming fast and you need to be ready to go. Let’s do this!

Tip #1: Prepare, prepare, prepare!
Do I need to say it again?! Haha I know it sounds silly, but having your belongings, meals, and day planned out can help eliminate the stress that comes from our busy lives. You are more likely to complete a workout if you’ve already carved that time out in your day. If you’re someone that needs to work out in the morning, set out your workout clothing by your phone, alarm clock, or the rooster that wakes you up in the morning! It’s a reminder to yourself, “Hey, it’s time to work, no excuses!” If you are someone who needs to work out in the evening after work, prep your gym bag the night before and then immediately place it in your car. You’re less likely to forget it that way! Even placing it in the backseat so you can see it in your review mirror as a little added push!

Tip #2: Phone a friend
I’m sure most of you are not running this Beast on your own! So call and set dates with friends or teammates to work out together! You could even do the workouts given to you by this awesome blog! Training in a group is highly motivating and it keeps things interesting! If you are participating solo, there are several groups in the area preparing together! If large crowds aren’t your deal, hire a trainer. Having someone to help with the progression of your workouts at a safe pace and keep you accountable can be extremely motivating!

Tip #3: Music
Music affects my mood sooo much, and honestly when I’m training, it can make or break a workout! Often times I use a music app such as Pandora or Spotify to mix it up. If your gym doesn’t offer Wi-Fi, then creating a playlist from your favorite artists can really get you amped to push yourself! Warning: to keep it fresh, mix it up often and use the shuffle to avoid repetition!

Tip #4: Eye on the Prize
Look towards your end result; visualize yourself crossing the finish line on September 9th! What does that look like to you? Who will be there to congratulate you, how does the medal you’ve earned feel around your neck? I remember when I was training for my first half marathon and the long runs became tiring, I would visualize my boyfriend of 8 years waiting at the finish line with a sign saying “Will you marry me?”  He did not ask me but I just accomplished a goal that was so major to me and I was happy with that! It doesn’t have to be something so dramatic (ha!), but visualizing the day of the event and what you’re working towards is so motivating! Side note: he did propose and we are now happily married!

Tip #5: Treat yo’ self!
When I feel like motivation is lacking here and there, I do what any reasonable lady would: treat myself! I’m not talking about anything crazy, but purchasing new workout gear that makes me feel comfortable and confident makes hitting the gym more fun! If you’ve been putting miles on your favorite pair of running shoes, buy a new pair. It’s important for performance and body alignment to replace after 300 miles anyway,  so why not treat yo’self! If your headphone cord bugs you when you’re working out splurge on a pair of wireless! If you’re feeling tight and sore, reach in and find your inner diva and pamper yourself with a massage!

Tip #6: Pick A Role Model
Imitation is the biggest form of flattery and that can be true with motivation. Pick an idol and learn about their life. I can guarantee that the greats at anything didn’t have a peachy keen life. They,  like everyone in life, can have rough times to overcome and nothing is more inspiring than seeing someone else reach their goals. One of my favorite athletes, Michael Jordan, had many tribulations to overcome in his life, but he did not allow that to stop him. As a daily reminder, I keep one of his quotes as my cellphone background! Just remember, motivation can come and go, but when you’re feeling low or low energy, follow these tips and it will return to you! Train hard and you can accomplish anything -- The Beast on the Bay included! Until next time, keep up the hard work! And be prepared:  another Beastly workout will be coming your way!

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