Friday, May 20, 2016

A Few of Our Favorite Obstacles

                Look, we love all our obstacles. All of them. If you ask us to pick a favorite, we might say that they’re a lot like children – you just can’t pick a favorite! Luckily for us, obstacles aren’t children, and for the sake of your entertainment we’re willing to pick a few of our favorites. We’re a selfless bunch here at the Barber Beast on the Bay. Let’s start the list.

                5. GET LOCO – It’s a Barber Beast on the Bay classic! GET LOCO is back once again. For those who haven’t done it, you’ll have to scale across a narrow ledge to cross as water cascades down over you.

                Why we like it: Well, one, it’s a fan favorite. After each year, there’s always plenty of track-tion (train puns, you like that?) to bring the locomotive back. Plus, it’s kind of like a metaphor for life: You do your best and just try making your way across as you’re constantly dumped on. Just a joke!

                4. Marsh Madness – It’s the newest name for our Phragmite run, and it’s scary! No 16-seed upsets here, as it’s just you against the mucky, messy mud that Presque Isle has to offer.

                Why we like it: Look, this is a family-friendly blog and we keep it clean, but it’s OK to get dirty once in a while, right? If that’s the case, the Phragmites are going to get you filthy!

                3. No Monkeying Around – Remember when you were a kid on the playground and you ran out for recess and a line formed for the monkey bars? Maybe, maybe not, but this is sort of what that’s like. Everyone will be climbing their way across a set of monkey bars to get to the other side.

                Why we like it: They’re monkey bars! It tests your upper body strength and you get to swing around as you do them. What’s not fun about that?! Just imagine you’re King Kong and you’re swinging from building to building. Make some monkey noises while you’re at it. It’s fun!

                2. Wave Goodbye -- We wrap up the Beast on the Bay with a dip in Waldameer’s wonderful Wave Pool! Battle through four-foot waves and climb out the other end to get one step away from successfully slaying the Beast.

                Why we like it: It’s a great way to cool yourself down. If we have a warm day, you’re going to be hot and sweaty. Wouldn’t a nice, cool wave pool feel good? We thought so.

                1. Triangles of Terror --  Speed is a factor in this obstacle where participants will leap from alternating triangles without touching the ground.

                Why we like it: We’re borrowing from American Ninja Warrior with this one, and we think it’s pretty exciting! Make sure to go quickly as you leap from triangle to triangle! 

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