Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Debunking Training Myths

     It’s one of the most profitable, expansive businesses in the world today – fitness. Everybody wants to get fit and everybody wants to look their best. But with so much information out there, what are some of the best strategies? Eat heavy, train heavy? Eat light and do lots of cardio? What’s your diet, what are your goals, what are you aiming for? It can all be confusing. And with a myriad of myths and a gaggle of gurus, who and what can you trust? If you read that standing on your head and eating grapefruit burned extra calories, would you do it? (Maybe!)

      For your fitness road to the Beast, we have Dave Hopkins, fitness extraordinaire from LECOM Fitness and Wellness Center giving you tips and exercises along the way. But, naturally, Dave can’t cover everything, and that’s where we’ll come in. We’ll pick up some of the smaller details – what shoes to wear, what kind of foods we’ll have available on race day and what you should eat, obstacles reveals, and more! This week we’ll debunk a few fitness myths that are total bunk.

     Myth #1: You can ‘crunch’ your way to great abs.  So you want to wear your crop top to the Beast on the Bay but you’re currently rocking a muffin top? We could have a conversation about body image and why it’s so important to love yourself and what you have to offer (it really is!), but that’s a topic for another day. If you’re looking to improve on your abs before race day, don’t go with crunches – or at least don’t expect crunches to do the job alone. While they’ll help abs that are already showing, they won’t eliminate fat because you can’t spot eliminate fat. Exercises like squats and deadlifts and cardio, along with a stricter diet, are ways to begin eliminating fats and see the results you want.

   Myth #2: Cardio is the only thing you’ll need to focus on for the Beast. You hear ’10 miles’ and you panic – how can I run 10 miles? Not to add to your stress, but you’re also going to be doing 20+ obstacles. Aaaah! It sounds scary, but let’s break this down. Yes, cardio is important, but remember that you can handle the Beast at your own pace. If you need to skip an obstacle, skip it. If you’d like to walk or jog or moonwalk it, do it. The cardio is important, but don’t act like you have to be able to sprint 10 miles or you’re going to fail. Work in some strength training and endurance to make sure you can handle the obstacles that you want to take on. And, the more energy you have to take on those obstacles, the better you’ll do.

      Myth #3: You should focus so much on the fitness element of the Beast that you forget to have fun. OK, OK, this isn’t a widespread fitness myth, per se, but it needs said. This is a fun event for a great cause. You’ll be helping children and adults with disabilities by participating in the course on September 10. Isn’t that awesome? What’s a little running in the sand and a few obstacles if it means helping the cause? Get your family involved, get your friends involved, get your neighbors involved. Help us help others and have a great time while doing it! Make a team, train together. Build endurance but also build memories.

     A reminder that our April sign-up promotion ends at the end of April. Imagine that? When your friend registers, they'll get a drop-down menu that asks how they heard about the event. They select "A Friend," fill in your name, and you're both entered. Learn more: http://www.barberbeast.org/Refer-a-Friend

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