Thursday, September 4, 2014

Cheer Zone Participants

You're struggling. It's the seventh mile and you've hit a wall. Perhaps literally, if you run into one of our obstacles. Suddenly, you hear it.

"Go, go, you can do it!"

You think maybe you're hearing voices. You've skipped a water station, and you're thinking maybe you should have had a drink after all. But then you hear it again.

"Don't give up! Yeah! You've got it!"

Then you see them. Members of the cheer zone. With four different cheer zone groups this year, participants will be cheered on as they run along the course, giving them a pep in their step as they work toward beating the Beast. Let's meet who will be cheering everyone on.

Dance Vibe Studios is made up of a group of dancers from various ages in the central PA area. They will be moving and grooving their way around Presque Isle in support of all the participants.

The East High Cheerleaders will be on the course cheering people on as well. They'll help you to "be aggressive, b-e aggressive" as you run your way through the course.

Step Into Action is for youth ages 7 to 17. Stepping is when the entire body
is used as an instrument to produce complex rhythms and sounds through a mixture of footsteps,
spoken word, and hand claps.

The Gannon Frisbee Club is the final cheer zone participant. They'll be throwing around words of encouragement to help everyone achieve success.

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