Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Unveiling Zone 2 of the Barber Beast on the Bay

                We’re back with Zone 2 of the Beast course. As if Zone 1 wasn’t enough, we still have this zone and three others to get through! Phew! We’ll be tired just talking about all we have in store for our participants. Let’s get to it:
                  After completing Over/Under in Zone 1, the participant will be moving on to a large nemesis we’ve named the Vile Sand Pile. If it sounds treacherous, it should. Participants will have to climb and crawl their way over a large pile of sand. And, oh yeah, this isn’t naturally formed or even man-made – it’s Beast-made, and the Beast has made sure participants will have to work to get over it.
If looks could kill...
                If participants survive the Vile Sand Pile, they will move on to the Kinevel Launch. If the name conjures images of Evel Kinevel, it should.  Participants will have to get their daredevil on and get through several angled wall obstacles like the one pictured.
Have fun getting over these!
                It will be a challenge, no doubt, and if the participant makes it they will continue on, running down Haul Road until they reach the Pipe Cleaner.
Get familiar with this sight -- you'll be crawling through them!
                Participants will be getting down and dirty – well, they’ll already be dirty, so just down – and crawling into a series of pipes that are under netting.  From there, you will be getting up and running once again on Haul Road until you reach…
                 Zone 3, which we will talk about next week.  We’ll see you in this spot again next week to reveal and discuss several more obstacles. See you then!

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