Friday, May 2, 2014

The Three Mile Isle File

Let’s face it: The Beast is scary. It’s 10 miles loaded with obstacles, and it’s sure to give you all you can handle. If you’re not an extreme athlete, you’re probably wondering how you can get ready for the Barber Beast on the Bay without having to run on a treadmill for hours on end. That’s where Three Mile Isle comes in.
If you’re a sports fan, you know a team can’t go right to the championship game. They have to play in a series of games to get there. If you’re into video games, you know you take on different levels before getting to the boss. And if you’re into music, you know there’s always a show opener at the concert that gets the crowd ready to go and pumped.
Three Mile Isle is those things and so much more.
If you want to see how you fair for the Beast, Three Mile Isle is the perfect opportunity for you. Why? It’s like a smaller version of the Beast. If it were a soda, it would be Diet Beast, now with 1/3 of the calories of regular Beast. It’s still challenging and fun, but on a smaller scale. Three Mile Isle is, as the name suggests, three miles with 12+ obstacles all along the shores of Presque Isle State Park. 

Look, there’s plenty of benefits to participating in Three Mile Isle before the Beast. Here are some:
-It’s three months before the Beast. If you struggle at Three Mile Isle, that probably means you’ll have to ramp up your training for the Beast.
-It goes through Beach 10 and Beach 11 along the shoreline rain or shine. This will get you prepared to run on sand, in water, through mud, etc.
-You get $10 off registration if you’ve already signed up for the Beast.
-It’s a whole ton of fun, it’s exciting, and it’s filled with fellow runners and participants.
-The course will include three new obstacles
-Your registration gets you on the course, a performance t-shirt and Joe Root's Grill will feed you and give you a beer when you are done. How cool is that?

-It benefits our own beautiful Presque Isle State Park.
If you’re still not sold (and really, how could you not be?), check out their site at

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