Friday, March 14, 2014

The Price is Right: New Pricing System Rewards Earliness

Here’s a joke for you: Two men walk into a bar. It’s a busy night, and there’s only one table left. One man calls ahead for the table and gets there before the second man. The second man walks in late and asks for the table. They give the table to the second man who came in late. You might be asking yourself, “Where’s the joke?” And the answer to that is there’s nothing funny about rewarding those who come in late. And, for that matter, there’s nothing funny about a man having to enjoy a beverage while sitting on a dirty bar floor. The only joke is that the man who came in late got the table, am I right? What a disgrace!

Why did no one laugh? Hello? Is this thing on?

So I’m not a comedian. I’ll stick to my day job of being a mascot for the Barber Beast on the Bay, I know. The point is that we want to reward those who are registering early for the Beast on the Bay. In the same way a participant who crosses the finish lines runs through a ribbon and is rewarded with cheers, we rewarded our first registrants with the Early Bird discount of 50% off the full price of Barber Beast registration.

While the percentage off will never be higher than what the Early Bird registration offered, we do have a tiered monthly system that will continue to reward those who sign up early. From now until March 31, registration for the Beast will be 40% off the original price. After that, the schedule is as follows:

  • 35% off - during April
  • 30% off - during May
  • 25% off - during June
  • 20% off - during July
  • Regular price beginning Aug. 1 through Sept. 4
  • Late registration $150 on Sept. 5 & 6
This is how we feel about it, and we're sure you'll feel that way, too!

That means no more wondering if the price you got is the best one that’s going to be available (because it is). That means no waiting for sporadic promotions based on holidays, sunny days, or the-Beast-is-bored days. What you see is what you get, and the sooner you see it, the better deal you’ll get.

If you or someone you know hasn’t signed up yet, now would be the time to do it! If you have signed up, take advantage of some of the offerings we have. On our Facebook page, we’re offering free signage and graphics that you can use to tag yourself in, recruit members, or smack talk other teams with. We offer a community of 1,600 people to talk and trade training tips with. What are you waiting for? The Price is Right, so come on down!

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