Thursday, February 13, 2014

What kind of shoes should a Beast wear?

If you want to run in this, you're going to need some shoes!
      You’ve saved money with your early registration for the Barber Beast on the Bay. You’re signed up, you have your team, and you know when it is you’re going to start. Great. Now how about preparing yourself for the Beast? Hopefully you have a plan to start training. If you don’t, we’ll help you get going in the upcoming weeks. But how about taking that money you saved registering early for the Beast and putting it toward something useful?  Like, say, a nice brand new pair of shoes to run in come September 6. Here’s what we recommend in order to tackle the different terrains that is part of the nature of the Beast.  First, let’s tackle some basic strategies for shoes.

  • Don’t duct tape your shoes. You’re not going to lose them and they’re probably not going to fall off. I’m not going to steal them, either. Duct tape adds weight and is only going to make your feet feel heavier. They may also prevent water and other materials from draining from your shoes, making your run uncomfortable. You don’t want to slosh around Presque Isle, do you?
  •  Don’t wear brand new shoes. If you’re going to buy shoes, break them in before race day. Go down to Presque Isle and practice running in the sand. Use them when you’re jogging outside, or just wear them around the house for a while. No matter what you do, you just want to make sure your shoes aren’t stiff and uncomfortable. 
  •      Big, cushiony shoes aren’t the answer, unless the question is “What type of shoe shouldn’t I wear on race day?” No doubt they’re comfortable to wear, but they’re going to suck up water and sand on race day, turning your once comfortable shoes into what feels like carrying dumbbells on your feet.

We swear these are actually shoes.

     So now we know what not to do. What kind of shoes do we want? We want minimalist shoes: Ones that are breathable, tough, and feel like they’re hardly even there.

     The first type of shoe we’ll look at are the ones that barely look like shoes at all: Vibram FiveFinger Spyridon. They’re those weird looking shoes that look like gloves for your feet. But they allow your toes room to move while still providing excellent grip. With these shoes, you would be looking at $60-$100 for a pair.

The New Balance MT 110.

     Next, let’s take a look at the New Balance MT110. They grip well, feel light, and allow moisture to come out of the shoe. Those are the three main things we should be looking for in a pair of shoes. These shoes will also provide protection from rocks and similar objects, which could be beneficial in areas you may encounter on Presque Isle. These will run you right around $100, but it should prove to be money well spent.

     Other types of shoes we’ve seen recommended include the Vivobarefoot Breatho Trail, Inov-8 Trail Rock 245, and the Altra Superior. There are some shoes made by more familiar brands like Reebok, Under Armour, and Nike that could work for the Beast, too, but just remember to look for these three things: grip, weight, and the ability to wick away or remove water/objects.

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